I Want To Be An Old Person In My World

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Sandra 73 years young…

There needs to be old people in the world and I am signing up for the job. I am old and I LOVE it.

There are downsides and perks to every age. Now that I am 73, what I lack in memory and body movement, is made up for in greater sensitivity and caring for others.

The important thing is to try to be healthy and, most of us can do this by eating simply, stretching and opening our bodies with breath, meditation and movement.

A few of my tips to stay ‘young’ are to avoid medications and vitamins, unless ABSOLUTELY necessary. The least amount of medication (and vitamins) for the most amount of benefits with the least amount of side effects.

Our physical bodies age but: our light bodies get stronger. Wrinkly bodies run Prana (light) easily, breaking up emotional worries and blockages. This is why old people (and peri-menopausal women!) easily get nervous. Too bad they are medicated out of this growth cycle.

My advice, cry, if you need to. Makes us look younger. Identify with the Prana (light.) It feels good and it brings insights to help navigate our problems.

Find ways to give everything you’ve learned away. The younger people need your support and help. It may not look as if they are listening but they do take it in and it inspires their lives.

This is the best legacy we can give. Our own lives (with all of our continuing problems and obstacles) lived and died well.

Photo taken by Tangi Bell.

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