Vancouver BC, March 18th, 2017, 9 am to 1 pm.

Breath & Pranayama

Sandra practicing Pranayama with Bandhas

Sandra practicing Pranayama with Bandhas

ASANA: To open the lungs to prepare for expansive breathing
BREATH: Breathing with our proper breathing muscles … Muscles of Respiration
PRANAYAMA: Techniques to lengthen the in & out breath
And, the use of bandhas.

MEDITATION: Gaining Insight and clarity through Meditation.
I love Karma Teachers

I love Karma Teachers

Karma Teachers
45 W Hastings
Vancouver BC

9 am to 1 pm

For Karma Teachers Training and past graduates only

To Register: Contact

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4 Responses to Vancouver BC, March 18th, 2017, 9 am to 1 pm.

  1. Teresa Krohman says:

    Hi Solene,

    I am interested in the March 2017 workshop, (I am actually interested in many others but I live in Edmonton, and cannot get to them all, unfortunately!). I also heard about a workshop Sandra is offering in June of 2017, which I do not see on this listing. Is it full already? I am a new student of Anna Radyo’s, and heard of the June workshop through her. I am also a former student of Elizabeth Michelsen’s (sp?), who are both former students of Sandra’s. In any event, can you contact me so that I can make a deposit on the March, and hopefully, June workshops…and possibly one another. Thank you.

    • sandra says:

      Hi Teresa, So sorry….I am not used to WordPress and just noticed your message now. To inquire about the March and June workshops it is best to email Solene directly, as she doesn’t check this website. You can reach Solene at or you can phone her at 1-250-218-7672. Please give my love to Anna and look forward to seeing you out this way! Sorry again and thanks too!

  2. Donna McCrea says:

    Is there space in the June 25th 2-5 workshop?
    If not could you let me know of other workshops you may be having in the future in Vancouver?
    Donna McCrea

    • sandra says:

      Hi Donna, Sorry I am not used to WordPress messages so just noticed yours now. I think the June workshop is full but there is a lot of shifting around so I would encourage you to contact Solene at to get your name on the waiting list. I am teaching a workshop in Vancouver on November 5th at a lovely space in St. George’s Church at 14th and Laurel Street. There is one space left! If you would like to register, please email me at Thank you, Donna!

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