Yoga videos during class


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  1. Surindar K. Dhaliwal says:

    hi Sandra. I attended your workshop on standing asanas in Vancouver on January 9, 2016. I wanted to thank you for the experience of learning, growing and experiencing. the four key ‘pieces’ I keep with me are:
    1. open perenium 2. hips forward 3. placement of feet 4. my breath breathes my body

    thank you.

    • sandra says:

      Thank you, Surindar. Those four Principles of Standing Asanas are GREAT! SO nice to have you in the class. I am planning on doing another class on the Standing Asanas and will keep you posted. Keep up your good works!

  2. julia says:

    hi I saw your card and just wanted to say hi
    I was a friend and student of linda chalmers from whiterock went to your studio years ago on cresent road where r u now
    much love julia

    • sandra says:

      Sorry, Julia, just saw your comment now. I remember Linda Chalmers with love and a feeling of being connected forever. We sold our studio abut seven years ago. I now teach classes, workshops and retreats in various places. I will place you on my email list so you hear about them. Look forward to seeing you, if it works out for you.

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