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S 060Sandra Sammartino has been inspiring Yoga students for over four decades . She has trained hundreds of Yoga Teachers and Trainers.

She believes Yoga and social media expand conscious awareness, needed to heal the earth at this critical time.

Co-founder of Unity in Yoga—first Yoga Conferences in North America that morphed into the American Yoga Alliance (which Sandra no longer supports)—and founder of Yoga Outreach,  Sandra shares Yoga through workshops, retreats, videos, media and her eBook, “Yoga Fiction: Yoga Truth”, a provocative look at Yoga.

Understanding and experiencing the Principles of Yoga, as applied to all Yoga systems, Sandra helps students transform not just their physical bodies, but to wake up and clear emotional blockages, sending Prana (energy) through the body to heal and engage the intuitive aspects of the mind so the student trusts in their own insights, intuition and inspirational awareness.

The body comes into balance, self-growth becomes a way of life and the soul flies free—no matter age, limitations or outer circumstances.

This is Yoga with a capital “Y” to denote body, emotions, mind and spirit.

To see what shaped Sandra’s Yoga  click here.

Sandra can be reached at sandra@sammartinoyoga.com or 604-724-9423.  Hundreds of Yoga students contact Sandra for advise, which she offers freely.

“Be true to yourself and trust in your inner strength and spiritual guidance.”

Berger_0002_SmallBob Berger brings 35+ years experience as a therapist to individuals, couples and families that wish to develop their communicative skills, heal traumas, and grow personally and spiritually.

Bob has a Master’s Degree in Social Work, is a Registered Social Worker and a member of the BC Association of Social Workers. In addition to client counseling, Bob has been a graduate school educator at The University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and Antioch University in its affiliation with Cold Mountain Institute.

Psychotherapy with Bob is directed towards the integration of mind, body and spirit. Bob’s approaches include bodywork, dream work, gestalt, hypnosis, bioenergetics and transgenerational work.  Couples counseling includes in-depth conflict resolution.

Those interested can schedule on-going sessions and/or intensive sessions that take place during the weekend or over 4-5 days.  To discuss and/or book an appointment with Bob please call 604-538-9105.

Sandra & Bob



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