My ‘Mini-Me’

Sandra, 73 years young

Sandra, 73 years young

My “Mini-me” lives in my feeling heart. I call her, “Sandra”, and when she feels sad, I comfort her. When she needs support, I am there to encourage her. I love all the parts of ‘Mini-me’; the parts that work and the parts that stumble along in need of MY encouragement. I am ALWAYS there to help ‘Mini-me’ now and forever – no matter what happens.
I sustain her throughout the trials of my life and I, also, allow ‘Mini-me’ to enjoy my happiness, successes and triumphs.

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2 Responses to My ‘Mini-Me’

  1. priscilla mcdonald says:

    Hi, I have tried 3 times today to subscribe to your email newsletter etc. I cannot get past your “Humanity” Test. The input Box for Captcha is not displaying.

    please let me know when this is fixed so I can subscribe to the particular items I selected. thanks Priscilla

    • sandra says:

      Hi Priscilla, So sorry about this. I just saw your comment now and am placing you on my email list. I will have my web person look at this problem to make sure it is working. Thanks again, Priscilla.

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