Understanding How Your Mind Works

Sandra at 72 years young.

Sandra at 72 years young.


All of your body is in your mind. But not all of your mind is in your body.
Sri Aurobindo

The electrical activity of your brain is recorded as brainwaves on an electroencephalogram (EEG). Brainwaves are measured in frequencies (hertz). There are four brainwave frequencies or states ranging from the most active to the most tranquil.


• Beta: mentally active—14-30 hertz
• Alpha: slow activity of the relaxed state—8-13 hertz
• Theta: very slow activity—4-7 hertz
• Delta: deep sleep—0.5-6 hertz

To be EFFECTIVE brainwaves need to be STRONG. For example, arriving at the Yoga class after a busy day, we are often in low amplitude BETA. We feel tired and our minds are scattered and foggy. But after stretching and breathing Prana flows and is more balanced and we feel less stressed. BETA brainwaves are now STRONGER and we focus with greater ease.

Relaxing even more we slide into ALPHA, where we encounter INTUITIVE INSIGHTS. If Alpha is weak these insights scatter but as relaxation deepens Prana gains strength, ALPHA brain waves INTENSIFY and the information stays with us.

By the end of the class, when our bodies are profoundly relaxed, Prana pulls us into THETA. STRONG Theta brainwaves inform us about the deeper, inspirational aspects of our beings and our lives.

Extremely robust Prana guides us into DELTA, the deepest brainwave state of all. Here we receive knowledge, usually ONLY available to us during deep sleep.

Yoga opens ALL aspects of our minds. In BETA, we are focused and relaxed; in ALPHA, insightful and intuitive; in THETA, imaginative and inspirational; and in DELTA, we experience deep peaceful sleeps or, if awake, cosmic consciousness.

However, for this to happen, brainwaves need clout. Powerful brainwaves calm the conscious ‘rascal’ mind and create powerful energy fields.

Nothing of a lower vibration enters into a higher energy field—it dissolves on contact.

Strong energy fields protect us from physical and emotional toxins, including viruses and contaminants. They also shield us from the fear and anxiety so prevalent in today’s society. This may sound strange but consider the following.

Most students float out of their Yoga classes feeling open and powerful. Yet, within a few hours their energy dips, and they run back to their classes. Many attend daily. This is beneficial for new students, who find it difficult to practice at home. However, attending weekly classes, and learning Asana for our level and unique body types, along with the understanding and experiencing of Prana; we balance Prana, on our own, whenever we wish! (See next chapter.)

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