Yoga Outreach

Beth Sampson, director of Yoga Outreachwith founder, Sandra Sammartino

You can help Yoga Outreach

  • Volunteer to teach in their programs
  • Give a donation or help in the Yoga Outreach office
  • Attend and tell other people about Yoga Outreach activities,
  • In any way you can think of. Please call us

In 1996, under the direction of Sandra Sammartino, a loosely knit group of Yoga teachers came together to make a difference.  They began by nourishing those people in our community, who might not otherwise have access to the healing benifits of Yoga.

Now Yoga Outreach is a registered Vancouver charity.  Under the direction of Beth Sampson, Yoga Outreach reaches into the hearts and minds of individuals through 30 yoga classes per week, all taught by Karma Yoga volunteer teachers.

We are making a  difference.

Yoga Outreach promotes healing by placing volunteer Yoga teachers in correctional institutions, health care settings, shelters, treatment facilites, transition homes, mental health facilities, and youth at risk facilities.  The volunteer Yoga Teachers truly receive as much as they give.

We support our teachers with training and ongoing professional workshops, and provide them with equipment and newsletters for their clients.

There are over 25 classes per week.

5% of all net profits from Sandra Sammartino help Yoga Outreach reach their goals.

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